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Value for your budget IP2Mobile gives your company the opportunity to optimize your marketing strategy. At IP2Mobile, we have a very detailed user profile which means that we know exactly how many users / possible users are in your segment, and thus how many relevant users your advertising is aimed at. This will make your marketing more effective, as with our help you will be able to target your advertising in a whole new way. In addition, we also enable your customers to see and hear your advertisements just when they want and thus be more focused on your advertisements. Help us help you - streamline your marketing today with IP2Mobile.


Targeted marketing We at IP2Mobile only want the best for your business. We want to see your business grow in the market with our help. Through our service, you can gain an insight into how many potential users your particular advertising can potentially hit. You can target your campaign to exactly the customer segments in your wishes and customize exactly how many users in the customer segment you want to be able to see your advertising in our app. All we need to do is just know which category your advertising caters to - this is chosen when your advertising is uploaded into our system. Target your marketing today with IP2Mobile.


Boost your sales by branding IP2Mobile wants to help your business boost your sales. We hope that in this way we can help your business grow in the market and build a strong brand that people will recognize and hopefully give preference to your products or services. By purposefully selecting users who can see your advertising, we believe that in collaboration with you, we can strengthen the preference for your brand. We believe that IP2Mobile's marketing approach, which also benefits the user, is far more effective and will provide your business with more useful views. Don't hesitate, let us help you boost your sales today.


PTC capital PTC refers to a “Paid-to-click” concept that will cater to the users who see your advertisements. We want to cater to both your company and your customers, which is why we see it as a must that customers also make a profit by seeing your advertisements. Here we refer to our philosophy of 'value for time' which is to ensure that your customers also get a profit by spending time watching your advertising. This, of course, we hope to build a more benevolent approach to viewing advertising. Just as your company pays per. possible clicks and thus get more targeted marketing, the user also gets a profit per click. clicks they make, which will make it more attractive for the user to see your advertising. In this way, we at IP2Mobile hope that our 'click' concept can create a profit for both parties.


We know how important your customers' opinions are. Therefore, we would like to help you gather these opinions so that your business can improve and grow larger. We will help your company send out questionnaires and other analytics to your customers through our app, and of course they will gain by dedicating time to answering these questionnaires. Receiving questionnaires is optional for your customers. They can choose whether or not to receive questionnaires when creating their profile. In this way, we ensure that only those customers who wish to receive and answer questionnaires receive them. Opinions matter - Let us help you gather them today.


Catalog We at IP2Mobile would like to offer your company an opportunity that will benefit both you and your customers and not least the environment. Your customers receive countless catalogs from different companies and sometimes your catalog can just be another one in the pile and thus overlooked. Online directories, which are compiled on one platform, will both save your business costs and save unnecessary waste on the environment. Your customers can read your catalog on their phone whenever they want, which means they have access to the catalogs 24/7, which we hope will make it easier for your customers to find your bargains when they are at your store. Help your customers get a better overview in the stack of catalogs with IP2Mobile.


Deals At IP2Mobile, your company can upload deals for free. Your company can easily create deals in our system that all users of our service can buy. It is important to note that the customer does not pay for the deal through our service, but only buys the right to your deal. This means your customers pay a small fee to book your deal through our service. When your customer wants to take advantage of your deal, it is redeemed directly at your company with the code you created the deal with, where the customer finally pays for the deal, and your company thus receives the full amount. We want to offer your company this opportunity to grow your business through free advertising and advantageous offers to your customers and not least new potential customers.