Private rules

By using our IP2Mobile service, you agree to the terms below. Therefore read them carefully before use. The content of our service can be very different, so in some cases there may be additional terms or product requirements (eg age restriction). Use of IP2Mobile We point out that all policies and guidelines must be followed for the use of our service. All available terms must be observed to ensure safe use of our service. It is not allowed to abuse our service.

This applies, for example, to disrupting or attempting to access our service other than the available interface and guidance for this which we provide. It is only allowed to use our service in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations in the country where advertising etc. exposed to. Applicable legislation and regulations for products exposed through our service must be observed. We reserve the right to suspend or render the Service inaccessible if terms and policies are not adhered to or violated.

When using IP2Mobile, ownership of intellectual property rights in our service or in the content to which access is granted is not granted. You may not use or purchase any content available through our service unless the content owner has authorized this. No permission is granted to use either; logos, brands or branding that are exposed in our service. Furthermore, it is not permitted in any way to remove, modify or obscure legal notices displayed in or in connection with our service. Our service is exclusively a distribution channel, which means that the content available in our service is not owned by IP2Mobile.

The responsibility for the content will therefore only be the responsibility of the person who made the content available in our service. Content of illegal nature or content that violates our guidelines will be removed or rejected and thus will not be displayed on our service any more if we find content of such serious nature. It should not be understood, however, that we go through all the contents of our service.

By using our service you hereby consent to us having to send you service announcements, administrative messages or other information we find informative. However, you can opt out of some of these messages. Since our service is available on mobile devices, it is important that you comply with general safety rules. Therefore, do not use our service in situations where you may be distracted or prevent yourself from complying with traffic or safety legislation.